Digging into Dark Data

Originally posted on Unstructured:

Most organizations are looking to extract more value from their data. They are investing in Big Data technologies, hiring data scientists, deploying analytics platforms and Hadoop clusters—all in search of that nugget of information that could give them a competitive advantage. The list of puns and cliches that come to mind is staggering, so please consider this:

  • Gartner coined the phrase dark data to describe the masses of unstructured information (around 80% of the total by volume) that organizations retain but have no meaningful way of analyzing.
  • The text mining industry has been around for years. They are continuously improving how people can scour text for information, basically looking for nuggets of gold.
  • Big Data has promised a veritable gold rush of insights to enable you to mine your data for those hidden nuggets.
  • However, these technologies only provide picks and shovels to make it happen because they…

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